With purposeful insights in creative communication, relationship building, selling ethically, elegantly and effectively, and personal potential, Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH delivers powerful, game-changing presentations that enrich, enlighten and empower.

Janet is an international speaker, author and consultant.   A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, Janet is a dental industry thought leader known for her creative expertise in communication, leadership and motivation.  Janet’s experience includes over 20 years of clinical experience, 15 years coaching experience with both private practices and small to large group practices, past corporate Dental Hygiene Director, PennWell Editorial Advisory Board member, and author of the book Selling Dentistry as well as numerous articles and courses. Janet’s focus on creative communication and leadership empowers health professionals worldwide providing them with proven, effective and easy to implement strategies for success.

In her other life, as a floral designer, she has been featured on Atlanta’s Peachtree Morning and Noonday television as well as the Discovery channel. Her creative talents and presentation style bring her programs to life.

Janet is passionate about giving back to the industries that have given her so much throughout her career. She delivers powerful, game-changing articles that are read by industry and business leaders worldwide. Her articles have been featured in:

Dental Economics
Dentistry Today
RDH Magazine
Hygiene Mastery Magazine

Journal of ADHA
The Profitable Dentist
Dental Link Live