Recycle and Repurpose

Who would have thought of a beautiful artistic use for kudzu?! For those of you unfamiliar, kudzu is an amazingly fast-growing vine (can grow 12″/day!) that was imported from Japan to south eastern US for soil erosion. Kudzu is considered invasive, and covers miles of Georgia country side, its climbing, coiling, trailing, winding perennial vines swallowing fields, meadows, trees, abandoned … Read More

Solar Eclipse

Last month’s solar eclipse was nothing short of spectacular.  I don’t mean just the actual astrological event itself, which was indeed amazing and phenomenal.  In addition, it was spectacular in the way that it pulled together and united our entire country in a healthy, wholesome, positive activity, a movement, quite literally.  I know people who traveled hundreds (some over a … Read More

Your Power Place

I’m sitting on top of the world! That’s the way I feel whenever I reach the top of the cinder cone which is the finale of my favorite Hawaiian coastline hike. It’s a great hike that meanders along lava cliffs of spectacular ocean views. The coastline trail is actually officially a part of the historical “Old King’s Highway”. This is … Read More

Growing Your Greatness — The Chrysalis

  Christmas came and went but we were still celebrating. Our annual day-after-Christmas extended family party, with all our favorite cousins, gathered at my sister’s summer kitchen, overlooking the Indian River, to once again eat, drink, and make merry. After yet more delicious food (we all love to cook and bake), fine wine and lots of loud laughs, we settled … Read More

Getting to YES – Setting the Stage for Success – Be Excited!

“I’m so excited – and I just can’t hide it!” Dentistry is really a fascinating subject, especially when we get out of our clinical box.  One of my favorite workshop activities is designed to get everyone excited about sharing a broader view of dentistry learning fun facts. The assignment is to: break into groups, take out and turn on iPhones … Read More

Getting to YES – Setting the Stage for Success – Buyer’s Remorse

  Setting your stage for success is a little like planting a garden.  As with any garden, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking proper preventive measures (i.e. amended healthy soil, good dirt drainage, root stimulating additives) prevents fixing problems later.  Likewise, buyer’s remorse can, and should, be prevented. Here’s how. Buyer’s Remorse – prevent it … Read More

Power of Presentation – Blooming Your Best

  Pink milk and fancifully shaped sandwiches – the perfect special lunch prepared by the perfect Mom for two little sisters. The only problem was, I wouldn’t drink the milk. It didn’t look right. “But Janet,” my mom persisted, “it’s only food coloring.  It doesn’t change the flavor at all”.  To prove Mom’s point, my little sister polished off her … Read More

Getting to YES – Setting the Stage for Success – The Bright Side of Baggage

  Setting your stage for success is a little like planting a garden.  You will have the best success if you first till and amend the soil, providing a fertile, nutritious and supportive medium for the seeds that you will plant.  This will ensure the best foundation for their growth as they mature and proceed to blooming and fruition, which … Read More

The Best Selling is Serving

The Best Selling is Serving!  This means being the patient advocate.   You’ll need to discover their true values beyond “I just need a cleaning.”  As a patient advocate, you’ll need to learn your patient’s needs, wants and desires, and help them to solve their problems.  Once you learn how to do this, you will take patient “service” to an entirely … Read More

Is SELL still a 4 letter word in dentistry? The Ethics of Selling Dentistry

The concept of “selling” dentistry can be a controversial one. Yet, being adept at selling and persuading is a critical skill in dentistry.  How can you sell without feeling like you’re “selling”? Regardless of your profession, hobby, and personal relationships, you are always selling something through relationships and service. How good are you at it? We spend our lives selling … Read More