Cultivating the Power of Your Potential

Using BLOOM as a tool for communicating, Janet offers life lessons that benefit people,
practices and groups. As the author and creator of the BLOOM philosophy, Janet helps to
uncover the innate “seed of possibility” in individuals, teams, and groups, helping them identify
and cultivate the power of their unique potential. Her audiences are continually delighted with their “blooming”.

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein


"I finally got clear and instantly things started to happen for me. Thanks for being the best cheerleader ever. Honestly Janet, I don't think I would have been bold had you not coached me."  -Kathryn

• Group Coaching
• Practice Coaching
• Individual Coaching

What does BLOOM stand for?
Begin, Leverage, Others, Obstacles, Mentor

“She always sees the potential of what I envision of the future for
myself and for my teams.  She has helped me get out of my own
way- to look at things differently and come up with strategic
thinking capabilities.”

“We have made a complete transformation…with Janet’s guidance. Leadership and dealing with
conflict was a struggle for me. Janet has given me the tools to work toward being positive
leader.. and most importantly handle difficult situations more appropriately. The overall morale
of our office has improved by leaps and bounds. Our staff…is more positive, …more willing to
share ideas and more likely to take on new projects with a great attitude. Production has
skyrocketed and patient care is at its very best. Janet is a positive force with great ideas. Taking
her perspective is an excellent way to rethink your current situation and make positive changes.
She gives you the tools to increase productivity and positivity in your practice..."

“How lucky am I to have you in my life,
thank you for always being a beacon of positivity!”

“I am very happy with the significant positive impact Janet has had on our
practice. I sought her services because I was interested in pursuing training in
communications to help my team improve patient motivation and education,
while also improving efficiency. With Janet's guidance we have significantly
improved our team harmony and participation, established systems and
protocols, enhanced our perio program, and improved efficiency. Our patients
have responded positively to our changes. We, as a team, are happier. Thanks Janet!"

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