Communication Strategy for Maxed-Out Insurance


I am often asked what is a good case acceptance strategy when a patient has maxed out their insurance benefit?”  This a great question, especially now in the fourth quarter, when this situation is more common.

Here are three communication tips that will help.

  • Utilize The Treatment Triad prioritizing method of treatment presentation. (Urgent, Preventive, Aesthetic). When treatment cannot all be done immediately, prioritizing treatment by segments is key. Some treatment may have to wait, but getting started, no matter how small, starts to build the relationship foundation for future planning of treatment. Patients do sometimes pay out-of-pocket when they realize the urgency of treatment and non-treatment consequences. The Treatment Triad also provides a blueprint for the entire team to support and re-enforce the ongoing treatment plan at each visit, Relationships rule!


  • Get the patient involved to participate in the planning. Research shows that patients want to be a part of this planning process, and, as a result, become more compliant and motivated to invest in their oral health. Be an advocate for both their health and their wallet.


  • Don’t let them fall through the cracks. Keep them active in your hygiene re-care system. In between appointments maintain relationships electronically. Email campaigns bridge the gap from out of sight and mind through reminders of needed treatment and education, like mini videos illustrating each patient’s unique treatment needs. Relationships rule!


Maintain communication

Remember that some will, some won’t, some wait

Plant seeds of trust, build relationships, keep those patients in your system

It all comes down to one word




For your free copy of my Treatment Triad “cheat sheet” email me at [email protected]