Notes from Nature: Overcoming Obstacles

Nature is full of examples of devastation turned into re-birth.  As we negotiate our way through this devastating COVID 19 crisis, take time to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

In nature: 

  • Forest fires and floods destroy, and then create fertile grounds for new growth. 
  • Hawaiian volcanoes destroy but the lava flows into the ocean actually creating new land 
  • The  power of (potentially destructive) wind can be harnessed for our energy 

Nature, and our relationship to it, can be adept at turning adversity into opportunity, and we can too from this crisis. Consider the overnight explosion of teledentistry/telemedicine. Consider the equally potent explosion of love and caring and compassion from people helping people. Consider the  innovative creativity from the ubiquitous Zoom business meetings to Zoom birthday parties and cocktail parties. 


Take time to nurture your soul in nature. Get outside, when weather permits, however you safely can, take a walk, get fresh air, enjoy the sunshine on your face. Many studies have demonstrated the positive physical, mental and emotional benefits from being in nature- from improving blood pressure to increasing concentration and happiness scores. (For more about this read “The Nature Fix” by Florence Williams)


The Japanese have even created a concept called “Forest Bathing”.  The is the Japanese art of improving an individual’s mental or physical health with an individual’s presence within nature or outdoor surroundings. You may not have a forest handy, but any outside time is healthful, being especially mindful of social distancing.  Take a break from the screen, take a walk and be safe in nature. 


“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”  Buddhist proverb