Honing our Focus amidst the Virus Crisis | 16 Ways to Switch your Focus

What a great visual this cactus quote represents and sitting on it only makes it worse.   Are you sitting on it, giving it all your attention, or walking around it? Granted this virus demands a lot of our attention.  However, once we’ve committed to adhering to all the recommended health and prevention guidelines, let’s adjust our focus. What’s good about this situation?   TIME- that precious commodity once lost gone forever. Looking at the glass half full (instead of half empty), what can we do to make good use of this time when most of us are secluded at home? 


  • Stop watching TV or listening to the news constantly. Catch up on the latest updates twice a day, but don’t continuously bombard yourself with negativity
  • Check out more great quotes from Sam Horn (communication/leadership expert) to help you master your mindset.  


  • Read, and catch up on projects you never have the time to do.
  • Call 3 people daily and inspire them. 
  • Enjoy real time with your family.
  • If you have access to appropriate outdoor space, take a walk and get fresh air (keeping social distance).  Enjoy nature. 
  • If you have kids in your home here is an excellent free resource to guide you in home schooling and daily structure, from Lisa Honold, online child safety expert.   https://centerforonlinesafety.com/corona-homeschool-schedule/


    • Communicate with your team, reassure and re-assess
    • Communicate with your patients, reassure and re-schedule
    • Re-care – rescheduling … “because we know where we will be… right here taking care of you”.
    • Virtual – conduct team meetings virtually via platforms like ZOOM.

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Now, more than ever, is the time to ramp up your leadership skills.  Communicate with your people to be positive, optimistic, and plan for the future.  When this ends, and it will end, where do you want to be? Now is a good time to review and revise systems.  What needs updating? 

  • Review and revise clinical and communication protocols.
  • Review and revise business systems.
  • Consider how your company can contribute to community needs.  Here’s an example. A financial advisor I know offers free financial assistance to a local organization that provides a thrift store and assists needy people with food/meal needs. At this time his office is receiving donations of food/supply items based on a list of needed goods provided by the organization.  I learned about this from his post on our local nextdoor.com (national social networking service for neighborhoods). I bought groceries and supplies and dropped them off at their office, in a designated container, keeping social distancing, and they transfer all the goods to the organization for distribution. – a great way to help many families who would typically depend on schools to feed their kids. 
  • Review your company brand/mission. How does it affect, and is affected by, this virus pandemic?  Does it need tweaking to reflect your true noble purpose? Your vision reflects your brand and requires some soul-searching time. Take the time now to do this. If you’d like help with this email me at [email protected] to schedule a call. 
  • Use platforms like ZOOM for virtual meetings. Are you new to ZOOM? …  contact me. I can help. 

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Continue to reinforce our sense of community and  global family

Despite the cactus – make it a great day.