ABCs of DSOs
Groups on the Grow
Assisting dental practices and groups establish a foundation for comprehensive and profitable growth

How do you develop 1-5 successful practices to 10-20 practices with room to grow?

Where and what are the growing pains? How do you foster a culture of profitability yet still promote ethical conduct and enhance the patient’s experience? How do you train your group to manage growth, be reliably profitable and promote a strong company reputation that creates loyal patients and employees?

Janet understands your DSO challenges, plus a few you may have not even considered yet. Janet teaches emerging (small to mid-size) groups and DSOs to establish the foundational building blocks for comprehensive growth, with efficient and consistent clinical and business systems. Janet’s expertise in coaching health care professionals and management worldwide on communication and leadership “soft skills” provides proven, effective and easy to implement strategies for success. The ABC’s of DSOs is a blueprint for Groups on the Grow, helping them achieve a reputation of quality patient care and a dynamic team environment resulting in sustained profitability.

"We have made a complete transformation...with Janet's guidance. The overall morale...has improved by leaps and bounds. Production has skyrocketed and patient care is at its very best. Janet is a positive force with great ideas."

Janet's program, the ABC's of DSOs, is a blueprint for Groups on the Grow.

ABCs of DSOs

As a Group on the Grow you will:
• Construct your foundation to develop your unique organizational structure for sustained and accelerated growth
• Create your strategic strategies that support predictable, reliable and consistent growth and acquisition
• Build dynamic self-sustaining teams
• Train and coach management and staff for a comprehensive practice business mindset – ethical clinical care and a profitable business
• Manage consistent protocols that optimize patient care and grow production predictably
• Combine your hi-tech health care with communication soft skills
• Implement reliable patient care policies that support the company brand yet allow for individual practice creativity

"She always sees the potential of what I envision of the future for myself and for my teams. She has helped me get out of my own way-to look at things differently and come up with strategic thinking capabilities."

Janet’s domestic and international experience has taught her that worldwide people and practices, encounter similar challenges, and enjoy the benefits of stronger communication skills. As DSOs continue to focus on improving the patient experience and employee retention, Janet’s passion is assisting groups to achieve a reputation of outstanding patient care and loyal patients and employees, resulting in sustained profitability. The result is Janet’s program, the ABC’s of DSOs, a blueprint for Groups on the Grow.

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