Relationships Rule

Relationships Rule!

Thanks to DEO Summer Summit (for DSOs) and NSA/GA (Georgia National Speaker Assoc) I listened to no less than 5+ amazing speakers over the weekend.  Here was my biggest take-away: Relationships Rule!

The speakers varied from:

  • Gary Vaynerchuck – Irreverent and brilliant marketing guru
  • Kim Scott (Radical Candor) – Business and communication author

To DSO industry leaders such as:

  • Bob Fontana  – Aspen Dental founder/CEO
  • Josh GwinnHero Practice Services CEO

To NSA speaker

  • Ed RigsbeeCSP, author, consultant

Here’s the thing. Every single one of them, as well as the many other speakers, all valued “relationships” as the most important way to grow patients, customers, sales, business, loyalty.  Ed went as far as to say that soft skills are trending now as business speaking hot topics. In an age of dizzyingly accelerating technology, people skills are at the top. Hard tech – soft touch.  Focusing on your people skills is key. Relationships Rule!

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