Are You an Asset or a Liability?

In the ledger of life there are assets and liabilities. Which are you? In life, we mingle with many different kinds of people. While we cannot always choose the folks with whom we interact, we can intentionally choose to be an asset or a liability. 

We all know the assets. They are the people who contribute, who create solutions to problems, rather than just complaining about them.  They are cheerful, helpful and smile a lot. They manage their personal problems gracefully, enjoying the confidence of friends without being burdensome. They go the extra mile. They go out of their way to help others. When faced with a conflict, they go to the source to resolve with peaceful intention. The lead by example, with no expectation of reward. They are generous with praise. They are respectful and kind.  They communicate gracefully  with helpful supportive intention. In general, we feel good in their presence.

We all know the liabilities. They are the people who complain, grumble, and gossip.  They always have problems and share them with any and everybody. They are the clock-punchers. They are problem seeking, instead of problem solving. They are toxic to a team or family. They criticize in public, and seldom praise. They communicate selfishly with destructive and disparaging results. They are no fun to be around and drag others down.  

Assets and liabilities show up in all circumstances of life – friends, lovers, spouses, and the workplace. Here’s the thing. This is a choice, and you can choose to be intentional about it.  You can choose to learn the communication soft skills to become the asset to which others are naturally attracted.  So, what do you choose to be?  The asset that lights up a room and empowers others to be their best?  Or the liability that all (secretly or not so secretly) shun, avoid, or bark back? 

Dental practices have enough stress to deal with.  How do you handle the everyday challenges of your workplace?  How do you communicate? 

Step into your power. Intentionally choose. Be the asset.


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