Selling Dentistry
Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively

Increasing Patient Treatment Acceptance
for Dentists and their Teams

• Are you tired of needed dentistry walking out your door?
• Does it drive you nuts when your patients don’t follow your expert advice?
• Do you want to sell more dentistry without sounding pushy?
• Would you like to maximize the potential of your team to peak performance?

Selling Dentistry ~ Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively

Selling is a part of being in any business and it is the part that many professionals do not enjoy. For dentists and their teams, selling dentistry can be a constant and scary challenge. That’s why national average dental case acceptance is only 30-50%. What’s yours? Do you suffer from anxiety over low treatment acceptance? You can stop it now and create clients for life. Convert treatment plans to treatment, consistently, with my Heart-to-Heart selling strategies for people who hate to sell.   
Early in my clinical career, I learned, the hard way, that patient education doesn’t always work. So, I focused a conscious effort to discover what does work – soft skills. The result is my Selling Dentistry~Ethically.Elegantly. Effectively book, program, and system.

After incorporating these soft skills techniques, clients typically:
• Triple their treatment acceptance with my soft skills strategies
• Learn to sell by serving
• Love my “selling-from-the-heart” methodology
• Increase production and patient care simultaneously

Consumers make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic. Reduce your patients’ clinical overwhelm. Learn the soft skills necessary to help you get your patients to predictably and reliably say YES to your dental treatment.
I work with dentists and their teams who struggle with getting their patients to say YES to the dentistry they need and want to increase their case acceptance without sacrificing patient care. I especially enjoy seeing accelerated results across multiple DSO practices.  My laser focus on selling dentistry communication soft skills empowers my clients with increased production and profits, elevated patient care, and energized team harmony.

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