Selling Dentistry So It Doesn’t Feel Like You’re Selling Dentistry

Nothing creates more controversy that selling dentistry. Yet, being adept at selling and persuading is a critical skill in dentistry.  How can you sell without feeling like you’re selling? Regardless of your profession, hobby, personal relationships- you are always selling something through relationships and service. How good are you at it?

What’s wrong with selling dentistry?  If a practice is not profitable it cannot exist, let alone succeed. Dental practices are a combination of melding clinical protocols for best patient care with best business principles to be as profitable as possible.  The two are not mutually exclusive; indeed they are interdependent upon each other.  So why not examine solid, ethical sales strategies and apply them to dentistry?  The fact is – we all like to buy.  We just hate to be sold!  The good news is that selling is a learned skill, so anyone can become better.

Learn how to increase your case acceptance (sales), boost your production (and profits) all while increasing patient care. Learn the true meaning of selling, and how to manage this concept in an elegant, non-intimidating manner that creates value for your patients, and makes you feel great about what you have to offer.