Meet Janet Hagerman

Janet Hagerman is an international speaker, author and consultant.  A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, Janet is a health industry thought leader known for her creative expertise in communication, leadership and motivation.  Janet’s experience includes over 15 years of clinical experience, 20 years coaching experience with both solo practices and small to large dental groups, past corporate Dental Hygiene Director for a 150+ DSO, PennWell Editorial Advisory Board member, and author of several books, as well as numerous articles and courses.  She provides customized coaching programs for individuals, practices and growing dental groups.  Janet’s focus on soft skills, creative communication and leadership empowers health professionals worldwide providing them with proven, effective and easy to implement strategies for success.

Janet’s international and domestic experience has taught her that worldwide people and practices encounter similar challenges, and enjoy the benefits of stronger communication skills.  Her expertise in coaching health care professionals and management worldwide on communication and leadership “soft skills” provides effective and easy to implement strategies for success. Janet’s proven process and programs make an immediate impact on the delivery of patient care and financial results.

Janet's Focus:

Janet assists dental groups establish a foundation for comprehensive and profitable growth, with efficient and consistent clinical and business systems. As DSOs continue to focus on improving patient experience and employee retention, Janet’s passion is to help DSO groups become known for a reputation of outstanding patient care and loyal patients and employees, resulting in sustained profitability.

Janet’s DSO experience enables her to help growing DSOs to:

  • -Develop their organizational structure based on their unique character 
  • -Build dynamic self-sustaining teams
  • -Grow production predictably
  • -Create dependable, duplicatable systems that support growth and acquisition
  • -Design a stellar patient experience that nurtures brand reputation
  • Early in her clinical career, Janet learned, the hard way, that patient education doesn’t always work. So, she focused a conscious effort to discover what does work – soft skills. The result is her Selling Dentistry~Ethically.Elegantly. Effectively book, program, and system.

    After learning and incorporating Janet's soft skills techniques, her clients typically:

    • -Triple their treatment acceptance with her soft skills strategies
    • -Learn to sell by serving
    • -Love her “selling-from-the-heart” methodology
    • -Increase production and patient care simultaneously

In this informative and interactive guide, Janet shares systems and step-by-step direction for creating effective practice meetings.   From huddles and team meetings to the hygiene “gold mine” meeting, learn how to set agendas, facilitate effectively, engage the entire team, and end on time!  

As the author and creator of the BLOOM philosophy, Janet takes pride in her insightful ability to uncover the innate “seed of possibility” in individuals, teams, and groups, helping them identify and cultivate their own unique potential.  Her clients are continually delighted with their own “blooming”.

In her other life, as a floral designer, Janet has been featured on Atlanta’s Peachtree Morning and Noonday television as well as the Discovery channel.  When not helping people and teams to grow their greatness, you can find her exploring nature near and far, playing with flowers, whale watching in Hawaii, and in the kitchen cooking with her husband.

Author Of:

Selling Dentistry

Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively.

Meetings Make Money

Productive Meetings for Best Dental Practices


Nature's 5 Steps to Cultivate the Power of Your Potential

Published In:
• Group Dentistry Now
• Dental Economics
• Profitable Dentist
• Dental Entrepreneur Women

Charities I Support

My passion is helping people to help themselves.
Many people on our planet struggle with excessive handicaps, just to survive.  With our help, we can really make a difference to contribute to the alleviation of their burdens. Here are two incredibly worthwhile non-profit organizations that I support.
In most American dental communities, while we focus on periodontal disease and cosmetic dental options, we seldom run across cleft palates.  Yet, in some places in the world, this is not uncommon.  Worse, in many places, children born with cleft palates are superstitiously considered cursed and forbidden to attend school or work at jobs. The surgery to correct this is easy and inexpensive.  Smile Train trains thousands of doctors all over the world to perform these life changing surgeries, and parents travel (usually walking), with their babies in arms, hundreds of miles to get this help.  Smiles are made and lives are changed, for less than the cost of one crown! As a health care professional, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many to help people help themselves.

Canine Assistants breeds, raises and trains service dogs for people with disabilities.  These dogs are trained to open and close doors, pick up dropped objects, turn lights on and off, assist with seizures; and serve as companions in so many other supportive roles.   One recipient said it best, “My dog makes my wheelchair go away”. Amazing dogs for special people!
As a dog lover and CA volunteer, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many to help people help themselves.