Meet Janet Hagerman

Janet is known for her ability to foster growth in others, cultivate meaningful relationships and organize, energize, empower people and teams.

Janet is a master of human communication soft skills She uses her super skills to empower people and businesses to bloom their full potential. Her motto is: Trust is your Treasure – Relationships Rule

Janet is an international speaker, author, and consultant. A Medical College of Georgia graduate, Janet’s experience includes over 30 years of clinical and coaching experience with both solo and small to large group practices, and leadership as a corporate Director of Dental Hygiene, managing 100+ practices.

As DSO Director of Hygiene, Janet created the hygiene department from the ground up, organizing best-in-class teams, creating scalable systems and profitable protocols, and cultivating a culture of enthusiastic loyal support. She learned (sometimes the hard way) how to integrate the foundational hygiene department building blocks with the overall operational company structure. She introduced the clinical advisory board fostering dentist/hygienist collaboration. She learned and implemented strategies to increase patient treatment case acceptance, thus production and revenue. Ultimately, she figured out how to create the foundational building blocks to produce a highly functioning DSO hygiene department, and now helps emerging DSOs to do the same.

Janet’s diverse career experiences have led her to excel in several areas:

As THE DSO Fractional CHO (Chief Hygiene Officer), Janet trains emerging DSOs to develop a profitable hygiene department positioned for same store growth and acquisition scalability with consistent and profitable patient-centered systems. As badly as emerging DSOs need a game plan for growth, it’s often just not in the budget. As your Fractional CHO, Janet utilizes her past DSO experience to teach you to create a hygiene department that is profitable, consistent, and scalable.

As THE Case Acceptance Coach℠, Janet has helped countless professionals in the U.S. and abroad increase case acceptance (typically double or triple) while simultaneously enhancing their patient experience. Janet does this by teaching her signature soft communication sales skills to dental teams– skills that are applicable to any industry or profession where elegant influence drives sales… and relationships rule.

Janet’s international and domestic experience has taught her that worldwide people and practices encounter similar challenges, and enjoy the benefits of her communication soft skills, fostering trust and significant relationships.

“I spent my early days in clinical dental hygiene, middle years providing hygiene and full practice consulting. Next, I was invited to create, direct, and lead a Hygiene department of a 100+ practice DSO. Then authored my first book and have spoken to groups both here in the USA and internationally. I have watched the DSO space grow and have seen the Good-Bad-Ugly. I am happy to contribute to ethical evolution of DSO space.”

“Now, I help businesses to organize, energize, and empower their people and teams.”

Janet loves flowers, gardening and anything to do with nature.


•DSO Training: Hygiene Department Development, Corporate Organization, Train the Trainer coaching
•Case Acceptance Training: Solo Practice, DSO, Webinar
•Individual Career Development Coaching
•Guest Speaker: Solo and DSO presentations, Domestic & International dental meetings

Janet is the author of the books and programs:

•Selling Dentistry ~ Ethically.Elegantly. Effectively” ℠
•Meetings Make Money – Productive Meetings for Best Dental Practices”℠
•Bloom – Nature’s 5 Steps to Cultivate the Power of Your Potential ℠

Janet's Focus:

In her other life, as a floral designer, Janet has been featured on Atlanta’s Peachtree Morning and Noonday television as well as the Discovery channel.  When not helping people and teams to grow their greatness, you can find her exploring nature near and far, playing with flowers, whale watching in Hawaii, and in the kitchen cooking with her husband.

Author Of:

Selling Dentistry

Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively.

Meetings Make Money

Productive Meetings for Best Dental Practices


Nature's 5 Steps to Cultivate the Power of Your Potential

Published In:
• Group Dentistry Now
• Dental Economics
• Profitable Dentist
• Dental Entrepreneur Women

Charities I Support

My passion is helping people to help themselves.
Many people on our planet struggle with excessive handicaps, just to survive.  With our help, we can really make a difference to contribute to the alleviation of their burdens. Here are two incredibly worthwhile non-profit organizations that I support.
In most American dental communities, while we focus on periodontal disease and cosmetic dental options, we seldom run across cleft palates.  Yet, in some places in the world, this is not uncommon.  Worse, in many places, children born with cleft palates are superstitiously considered cursed and forbidden to attend school or work at jobs. The surgery to correct this is easy and inexpensive.  Smile Train trains thousands of doctors all over the world to perform these life changing surgeries, and parents travel (usually walking), with their babies in arms, hundreds of miles to get this help.  Smiles are made and lives are changed, for less than the cost of one crown! As a health care professional, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many to help people help themselves.

Canine Assistants breeds, raises and trains service dogs for people with disabilities.  These dogs are trained to open and close doors, pick up dropped objects, turn lights on and off, assist with seizures; and serve as companions in so many other supportive roles.   One recipient said it best, “My dog makes my wheelchair go away”. Amazing dogs for special people!
As a dog lover and CA volunteer, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many to help people help themselves.