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Boost your Treatment Case Acceptance?

Dental case acceptance across America averages
only 30-50%!
Is this you?

• Are you tired of needed dentistry walking out your door?
• Do you want to sell more dentistry without sounding pushy?
• Does it drive you nuts when your patients don’t follow your expert advice?
• Would you like to maximize the potential of your team?

If you answered YES, and you want to fix this, then you are at the right place.

THE Case Acceptance Coach

I’m honored to be considered THE Case Acceptance Coach. I’ve helped countless professionals in the U.S. and abroad increase case acceptance (typically double or triple) while simultaneously enhancing their patient experience.

As technology becomes more awesomely able, the most effective groups are those whose members most strongly possess the most essentially, deeply human abilities. The more high-tech we get in dentistry, the more we need to balance that with our human communication skills, if we are to truly create long lasting patient relationships.

• Why patient education doesn’t always work, and what to do about it
• How to develop effective yet comfortable sales skills
• How to triple treatment case acceptance
• How to utilize focused communication for patient compliance
• How to discover the potential in yourself, your team and your patients
• How to increase Production and Profitability while increasing Patient care

Learn the soft skills necessary to help you get your patients to predictably and reliably say YES to your dental treatment.

I work with dentists and their teams who struggle with getting their patients to say YES to the dentistry they need and want, to increase their case acceptance without sacrificing patient care. I especially enjoy seeing accelerated results across multiple DSO practices. My laser focus on selling dentistry communication soft skills empowers my clients with increased production and profits, elevated patient care, and energized team harmony.

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Selling Dentistry – Ethically . Elegantly . Effectively

“Janet is a positive force with great ideas. She gives you the tools to increase productivity and positivity in your practice. We have made a complete transformation…with Janet’s guidance. Production has skyrocketed and patient care is at its very best. This change is a win/win for everyone!”

Karen Santy, OM
Today’s Dentistry

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