Tech Age Communication – It’s not what you think



“As technology becomes more awesomely able, what will be the high-value human skills of tomorrow?”

Solution: Best new “human” skills

“…the most effective groups are those whose members most strongly possess the most essentially, deeply human abilities- empathy above all, social sensitivity, storytelling, collaborating, solving problems together, building relationships.”
This is not just touchy-feely observations. These are scientifically studied findings, and reflections of Fortune 500 companies. These are C-suite qualities being recruited for.

This message, by Geoff Colvin (Fortune senior editor and author) in his book “Humans are Underrated”, compellingly describes the future for us. It definitely pertains to dentistry. The more high-tech we get, the more we need to balance that with our human communication skills, if we are to truly create long lasting patient relationships.

My Selling Dentistry programs, based on relationships, empathy, storytelling and collaborative relationships, identically matches Geoff’s predictions.

I have updated my course/presentation content to reflect these future needs. Very Exciting! This is exactly what we need in dentistry, which is what I deliver.

Here are some highlights:
• Triple Case Acceptance by Selling Through the Heart
• Trust is your Treasure – Relationships Rule
• How Story Telling can increase Case Acceptance
• What to do when Patient Education does not work.
• National average case acceptance is 30-50% – what’s yours?

Stay tuned for more tips about how to realize your
communication Human Skills!

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