I provide Fractional CHO
(Chief Hygiene Officer) coaching for
foundational hygiene department
growth and scalability with consistent, profitable, patient-centered systems.

Are You A DSO wanting to
Develop your Hygiene Department??
Is this you?

Your emerging DSO is growing. You know that Hygiene is the foundation of your dental practices, yet your hygiene protocols are inconsistent or non-existent.
You know you are missing out on revenue and patient care.
You know you need Hygiene leadership to scale your company reliably, but it is just not in the budget yet.

Get the Help you Need

Customized coaching to help you develop your DSO Hygiene Department
I provide Foundational Building Blocks to Transform your DSO hygiene chaos into your DSO Hygiene Goldmine.

DSO Fractional Chief Hygiene Officer
I am honored to be considered an authority on DSO Hygiene Department Development. I train emerging DSOs to develop a high functioning profitable hygiene department positioned for same store growth and acquisition scalability with consistent and profitable patient-centered systems.

What is a Fractional CHO (Chief Hygiene Officer)?
Fractional C-level executives are typically former executives who provide their services and expertise toward an organization's strategic goals and projects for a fraction of time and cost of a full-time chief officer. This allows startups to access the skills and expertise of experienced executives without incurring the high costs of hiring a full-time executive as an employee.

Too often emerging DSOs are eager to “grow” by quickly acquiring more practices without a solid foundation in place. The foundation of any general dental practice includes a healthy profitable hygiene department. Your hygiene department should:

• Demonstrate values congruent with company culture
• Utilize consistent clinical, business, communication systems and protocols
• Promote and fulfill a comprehensive periodontal program
• Refer 30% of restorative production to the dentist
• Enjoy 60-80% case acceptance
• Forecast for growth
• Include culture that enhances, enriches, empowers your hygienists

As badly as emerging DSOs need a game plan for growth, it’s often just not in the budget. That’s where a fractional exec can help.

As your Fractional CHO, I utilize my past DSO experience to teach you to create a hygiene department that will include a corporate team, and systems that are profitable, consistent and scalable. I will also share, with you, my extensive network of resources (including other DSO fractional execs) for other department leaders you will need. Finally, when you’re ready, I’ll leave you with a proven future plan, and help you recruit and train your eventual future full-time Hygiene Leader.

“She always sees the potential of what I envision of the future for myself and for my teams. She has helped me get out of my own way, clarify my challenges by guiding and empowering more action and accountability. She has been my non-judgmental accountability partner all along the way.”

Cindi Roloson RDH
Management Leader, DCNJ

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