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4 Reasons why You MUST Achieve and Maintain High Case Acceptance

Posted on 3/15/2023 by Janet Hagerman
doctor talking to patientsCase Acceptance is NOT an afterthought: Why you must Achieve and Maintain High Case Acceptance

Reason 1: The Oral-Systemic Connection

If your case acceptance is low, you have many patients walking around with disease in their mouth and inflammation in their bodies, already diagnosed by you! Promoting and protecting your patients’ oral health protects their overall health, i.e., the oral-systemic connection. It is imperative that your patients understand this critical connection. As you help patients say YES to the oral treatment they need, you are helping to protect their whole-body health.

Reason 2: Immune System Strength

Immune system strength was highlighted during the pandemic as a major resistor to viral susceptibility. Our immune strength is related to our systemic health which relies on oral health for support. It’s all connected. With the emergence and discoveries of new viral and bacterial infections, we, in dentistry, have a huge opportunity and responsibility to increase patients’ oral treatment case acceptance, in order to support and strengthen patients’ immune systems and protect from whole health disease.

Reason 3: Recover Revenue

From your practice management software, pull the report that shows you the dollar amount of your Unaccepted treatment plans. This is the treatment you have already diagnosed from your patients. This is the revenue you are leaving on the table! What wonderful things could you do with this money- for your team, your patients, you (think: new technologies, better bonuses, vacations, 401K match, charity dentistry). What is the dollar amount of unfinished treatment plans in YOUR practice/DSO?

Reason 4: Protect and Promote your Brand

Poor communication can sabotage your best marketing efforts and damage your brand reputation. What patients hear in your practice, and repeat to their friends (and splash all over social media!) can help or hurt your brand.

Mindful intentional words & phrases are powerful, providing connections to patient emotions, which is (studies prove) how people make buying decisions. Careless communication can deter patient compliance and, in fact, hurt your brand.

The national average for dental treatment case acceptance is only 30-50%. What is your case acceptance %? Are you in the 30-50% range? Are half your patients walking around with diagnosed disease? Is this helping or hurting your brand?

EVERYTHING you say and do either increases or decreases your case acceptance.

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