Meetings Make Money

… and Productive, Patient Centered, Profitable Practices

Are you tired of

team meetings that

…are boring or unproductive gripe sessions?

…never end on time and still fail to cover what you intended?

...seem to be a waste of time and money?

Start Having Productive, Patient Centered, Profitable Meetings in Your Practice!

Meetings make money! Or more accurately, meetings can and should make money. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Well planned meetings are productive, patient centered and profitable– far more fiscally powerful than the loss of a few hours of production.
Dentists frequently overlook the untapped potential of the very team that surrounds them daily.  Meetings Make Money helps dentists, young and seasoned, tap into the potential of their teams through the power of effective, productive and profitable meetings.
Effective meetings become even more critical for DSOs as they need to distribute information and direction to multiple practices reliably and consistently.

Like a carefully tended garden, good meetings support and nurture your practice protocols and cultivate team peak performance for premium patient care and profitability.

Meetings Make Money will teach you how to:
• Lead and facilitate your meetings
• Engage your team to enthusiastic participation
• Avoid gripe sessions
• Maximize your leadership whether solo or group practice
• Boost production, increase patient care
• End on time!

Janet’s experience with group and solo practices across the country has helped them to become more productive and profitable through well managed meetings. From huddles and team meetings to the hygiene “gold mine” meeting, learn how to set agendas, facilitate effectively, engage the entire team, and END ON TIME

Bloom Your Practice with Fun, Energizing, Productive and Profitable Meetings!

“I had never considered a dentist-hygienist team meeting which just focused on the hygiene department before I interviewed Janet Hagerman. We implemented this concept immediately with profound results: an increase in services offered to our patients, and an increase in production. A winner all the way around!”

Wes Blakeslee DMD FAGD
Academy of General Dentistry

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